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Pallet-Picker 2.0

file size: 4.04 MB

Innovative Software Makes Indecipherable Websites Readable

Pallet-Picker is to colors, as a spelling checker is to words.

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30 Days

We've all seen web sites and catalogues with print that just isn't readable. Sometimes the type is too small, sometimes it's poor color selection. Here is a tool that a designer can use to fight color selection problems.

Pallet-Picker 2 assists graphics arts designers in two ways.

First, it creates a pallet of five compatible colors that works with any controlling color the designer may select.

Second, it seeks good, readable colors for the text by approximating the judgment of many sets of human eyes. PP2 is the only program in existence that performs this important function in this way.

The price is only $20, with substantial discounts for educators and site licenses. Visit for more information.

Version notes: Pallet-Picker 2 may be downloaded as a runtime for Mac or Win. For users or Filemaker Pro (8.5 or better) PP2 may be obtained as a Filemaker file with the necessary extensions, which is a smaller download.